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Our Story

Our story begins and continues in the beautiful Houston, TX region. Landscape Images of Texas does everything we can to serve the entire region with all of the landscaping they need to keep their properties safe, functional, beautiful, and useful in all aspects of everyday life. From brightening up hospitals with serene outdoor scenes of hope and harmony, to keeping those trees trimmed outside of commercial areas to ensure safe shade for all workers coming and going throughout the average day. We work hard to understand all of our client objectives, ensuring your complete and lasting satisfaction and our long-term success in the Houston, TX region.


Our Vision

Our vision for the Houston, TX region is to serve each customer one at a time to beautify the region with the landscapes that truly represent you. Your property is a direct reflection of your standards in Houston, TX and we want to not just meet those standards, but continue to exceed them in every way we can.


Our Mission

Our Mission at Landscape Images of Texas is to learn about the needs of the Houston, TX region as they pertain to landscaping and just what goals you’re looking to achieve. Using years of expertise and experience in the field of landscaping, we’re able to address your concerns and meet your needs each and every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial sized job?

Landscape Images of Texas not only serves commercial sized jobs in the Houston area but also solves your small to large business needs as well.

Insured and certified?

Insured and certified professionals lets you trust us at Landscape Images of Texas with all of your assorted Houston, TX landscaping needs with complete confidence.

What sort of landscape installation?

Our Landscape Images of Texas landscape installation list is extensive and includes decks, arbors, fences, walkways, water features, and plenty of other ideas for Houston, TX customers.

How will I maintain landscape design?

Landscape design can be regularly maintained by our professionals at Landscape Images of Texas, so you don’t need to worry about your Houston, TX landscape.

Return on investment?

When you invest in your Houston, TX landscape, you are maximizing the potential of your site to leverage the best possible use for your area for the success of your business.

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