Tree Trimming in Houston, TX

Landscape Images of Texas tree trimming services in Houston, TX not only keeps your trees beautiful, but safe in the event of wind or another weather event.

What Does This Service Include?


Tree trimming keeps your Houston, TX trees looking beautiful, but that’s not all. Professional tree trimming services with Landscape Images of Texas helps to take care of unstable limbs and dead spots before storms or wind comes to wreak havoc on your trees. This not only gives you a more beautiful landscape, but a safer one in Houston, TX as well. Before your tree trimming services, you’ll receive a full free consultation to walk you through your project process and leave you feeling confident in our Landscape Images of Texas professionals. After your tree trimming service in Houston, TX is complete, you’ll sign off on your project after a complete walkthrough.


Our Guarantees to You

At Landscape Images of Texas we promise to deliver exceptional customer service. We will not stop working until you are satisfied with your gutters.

All work will be approved by you

All of our tree trimming projects in Houston, TX are approved by you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A final walk-through and signoff

A final walk through ensures your project is completely satisfactory before you sign off on a Landscape Images of Texas job well done in Houston, TX.

High quality service, guaranteed

All of our Landscape Images of Texas services in Houston, TX are done with the highest quality in order to maximize value to our customers.

Why Choose Us


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We pride ourselves on making our customers happy!

How It Works

Phone Consultation

The first step to your tree trimming project is a phone consultation and proposal for your tree trimming job. This lets you know just what to expect.

Custom System Design

Each Houston, TX job is viewed individually, and we always custom design your systems and solutions to fit your specific needs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance with Landscape Images of Texas ensures that your tree trimming isn’t a once and done thing, but your trees are lasting and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial sized job?

Landscape Images of Texas not only serves commercial sized jobs in the Houston area but also solves your small to large business needs as well.

Insured and certified?

Insured and certified professionals lets you trust us at Landscape Images of Texas with all of your assorted Houston, TX landscaping needs with complete confidence.

What sort of landscape installation?

Our Landscape Images of Texas landscape installation list is extensive and includes decks, arbors, fences, walkways, water features, and plenty of other ideas for Houston, TX customers.

How will I maintain landscape design?

Landscape design can be regularly maintained by our professionals at Landscape Images of Texas, so you don’t need to worry about your Houston, TX landscape.

Return on investment?

When you invest in your Houston, TX landscape, you are maximizing the potential of your site to leverage the best possible use for your area for the success of your business.

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